AI Law

I am a long-time devotee of the game of chess and in my youth I tinkered extensively with chess software. Enamored with the data analytics large databases of chess games could yield and the thought of how self learning algorithms could be modified to many purposes, I applied it to litigation. So, when it came time to do my research for my master's I dedicated myself to figuring out how I could do that.

Please note this information dated very quickly because of the rapid progress that has been made. (Yes, I do know there are a couple of typos and formatting errors, but this is what I handed in - on time - and I'm keeping it as is.)

LLM Master's Research Paper - AI & the Law - Final 20180527.pdf

Think you can beat a computer? Give this engine a shot - this is an engine trained without a neural network, and only with hand tuning and brute force evaluation methods.

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Update: New info on 1,000 game match under more optimized conditions for Stockfish. Even more crushing!